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Hi members of …

Hi members of “neuroscience of everyday life members. I will use this blog to give you information, and for you to give me and everyone else your thoughts, and questions. I am in the process of trying to work out how to post specific item that I have copied, like the outline for Thursday’s course, so please permit me a little more time on that.

Please let me know any subjects you would be most interested after the next class. You may recall that I mentioned the following suggestions:

Teen age brain, brain injury, visual sense, auditory sense, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, memory, motor system, language, limbic system, depression, rewards, neuroplasticity, emotions, physical fitness and the brain, sleep and dreams, work and play stress, intelligence, the social brain and empathy and related topics, autism, men’s versus women’s brains, sex and the brain, brain injury and concussion, free will, happiness, and unrelated to all of these¬†¬† Medical ethics.


FILL class for March 29

Welcome to my new blog.
I am just learning how to use this, so there will doubtlessly be some rough edges. In point of truth, the entire blog will start roughly!. I am open to any suggestions about how to spiff this site up. But right now I am interested in just getting it off the ground.
On Thursday my primary interest will be in the Limbic system. You may remember this concerns the hippocampus(memory center),and the amygdala( emotions).
Also I would like to deal with how to critically read a science article. As part of this I would love to spend 10-15 minutes with articles that you all find in the papers or magazines, or wherever. It would be nice if you who bring the article could try to discuss it with me and the rest of the class. If it is something you saw on the web, you might post the link on the comments tab, so we can read it before hand, whoever would like to. If from a newspaper or magazine, you may be able to find the link by going to that issue of the publication and posting the link.–cognitive-decline—_ST_U.htm This is a link for an article in USA today from Thursday about “Hospital stay may speed decline among elderly. I would like not only to discuss the subject, but more importantly a critical way to read such an article.
Comments about the above before or during the class more than appreciated.

Well I just tested the above and one must copy and paste the link to the address bar to make it work.